Vlotjes door Gent/Floating Architecture, 2004

Exhibition History:
Museum Dr. Guislain
Design Museum Gent
Het Huis van Alijn
Museum for Industry and Textile [MIAT]
Museum voor Schone Kunsten [MSK]
Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst [SMAK]
De wereld van Kina

Spotters: Joke Laureyns + Stijn Wuyts + Amy Franceschini

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Week-Up. Gent, Belgium

Vlotjes door Gent
A summer workshop including design, research and building 7 floating architectures, inspired by 7 of Gent's Museums. Groups of 4-5 students (12-18 yrs old) built a float for a specific museum. Each float was submerged into the canal starting near its respective museum. All floats met in the city center forming an architectureal unit which created a visual and cultural connection between museums. [see project site]

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Photosynthesis Robot
Rainwater Greywater System
Garden Trike
Pogostick Shovel
Seed Library
DIY Algal Hydrogen Bioreactor
Homeland Security Blanket
Botanical Gameboy
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Solar Music Boxes
Board Game

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Bingo: Field of Thoughts
Lofoten Game of the Future
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Amy Franceschini
Michael Swaine
Rich Humphrey
Albert Coleman
Sebastian Stjfl
Stijn Schiffeleers
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