Offshoots, 2003
Materials: plants, dirt, tables, boxes, books, tea, coffee, lights, thermos', pots, cups, tools, canvas

Exhibition History:
Stanford University Grad Seminar 2002
Ramp Gallery, New Zealand 2002
Exploratorium 2nd wednesday 2003

Dimensions: variable


Amy Franceschini

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Offshoots has had 3 incarnations. It stemmed from the desire to distribute the proliferating backyard gardens in a wealthy neighborhood of San Francisco.

Futurefarmers' Amy Franceschini asks people to donate offshoots of their plants which are then
distributed out to the larger public via a mobile potting shed. Each donation is tagged with the donors name, email address, location, plant identification and care instructions. The bottome half of the tag remains blank and will be filled out by the recipient. (see tag below).

Once enough offshoots have been collected, they are separated by families and distributed to the public in a handmade bag with soil and starter pot. Each recipient is asked to contact the donor via email with a thank you note. Each recipient fills in their name, email address and location and is asked to document the plant in its new home.

Futurefarmers keeps a database of all donors and recipients in order to map the distribution of the plants through this project.

*Some people donated herbs, homemade wine, jam and other fruits. With this we serve the wine to the public and provide tea made with the herbs.

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