Botanical Gameboy + Custom Game, 2004

Materials: Gameboy, Lemons, Game

Exhibition History:
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco

Many emulators, C, and too much coffee

Dimensions: 5 acres


Amy Francechini/Richard Mortimer Humphrey

Relative urls:
Lemon Powered Ham Station
Official Lemon Power Site

Botanical Gameboy was an experiment conducted during Playshop. This was an attempt to power a gameboy by harvesting voltage from lemons 9 lemon trees. We designed a custom game: Count Volta to live on the gameboy. Through this experiment, we found that we would need 48,000 lemons to power our gameboy, thus we demonstrated the wonders of powering small devices and controlling video playback speed by squeezing lemons. (see images)

photos: left: front gameboy connected to series of lemon trees. rt: back of gameboy with meyer lemon sticker.

Count Alessandro Volta an Italian physicist, known for his pioneering work in electricity, invented the voltaic battery in 1800. The voltaic pile was a forerunner of the electric battery. The electrical unit known as the volt was named in his honor.

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