Game for the Masses, 2002
Materials: wood, tape, paper, string

Exhibition History:
Jack Hanley Gallery, SF (2002)
Dimensions: 4 'x 4' x 8"


Amy Franceschini

Game for the Masses is research project made to observe social interactions around gaming. It revealed how people use games as an interface for conversation, interaction, play and openess. This game prompted creative thinking and problem solving. The game was positioned in a gallery with a small set of rules and instructions, but the game was left open for development. Over the course of the night, the game developed into a multiplayer, 3dimensional, architectural, gambling, building site for ages 3 and up.

Open Source

Intro Rules:

The 3d pentagon serves as a dice. The brownish pieces (pucks) are distributed evenly among players. Players are asked to place the pucks in the main square defined by the red tape. Each player has a roll and tries to roll the dice onto a puck. If the dice lands on a puck, the player gets it. The left hand rectangle is a community pool or gambling area. A string was haning from the ceiling. No rules were assigned to it.


Table, 2 keyboards, 14 one-slot puck's, 8 2 hole puck's, 14' string, Polyhedron/Dice

Set Up:
Distribute Puk's equally among players.

Number of Players: 2-4
Game Objectives: To obtain all puck's.
Default Rules: Areas outside of red boxes are "out of bounds"

How to Play:
Choose Player to go first.
Each player places a puck of choice on the board. (In main rectangle: defined by red tape)
First player rolls Polydice into rectangle attempting to land on a puck. If a puck is touched by the dice, the player gets to take the puck into his possession. If the player does not touch a puck, they must put one of their pucks on the board.


If your create chains with the pucks, a player may have the chance to win several pucks.

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