Homeland Security Blanket, 2002

Materials: canvas, silkscreen, thread, wool, led's, wire

Exhibition History:
NYMOMA, Safe 2005-06
Luggage Store Gallery, NO WAR, SF 2002
Headlands Center for the Arts, SF 2003
Jack Hanley Gallery, SF 2003
New Langton Arts, 2003
Dimensions: 2" x 18" x 4"


Amy Franceschini {thank you Michael Swaine for sewing}

Relative urls :
Department of Homeland Security

Homeland Security Blanket is a set of 5 networked blankets. Each blanket is wirelessly networked to the internet and responds to the Homeland Security Acts fluxuating, color coded "Threat Levels". As a means to "disseminate information", these blankets disseminate temperature change and an indicating light which alerts the user of current threat and comforts them accordingly.

Technology (to be used): RF tags, BX24 chip, wireless hub, internet connection.

*This is a prototype. The "wired" version does not exist at this time.

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