Rainwater Harvester / Greywater System Feedback loop, 2007
Materials: wood, pvc, rope, bicycle wheels, mint

Exhibition History:
Gallery 16

Dimensions: variable

Amy Franceschini + Michael Swaine

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The Water Project

Rainwater Harvester / Greywater System Feedback loop is a water saving system made from salvaged materials. It stores two types of water–water that normally runs away while becoming hot and rain water. The water is stored in the 3 small recycling bins which can also be used as benches to sit upon.

The hand crank device on the right is used to pump stored water back to the sink to be used at a later time.

The sink is equip with a variable drain allowing you to decide to let your water run back into the storage units, into the greywater system to the garden or out to the city system. (see more photos)

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