Lofoten Game of the Future, 2004
Materials: carpet, cardboard, spray paint, tape

Mette-Marit Park [Formerly Prisoners Park].
Kabelvag, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Lofotposten, Norway {read article}

Nis, Rømer, Amy Franceschini, Stijn Schiffeleers

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Lofotposten [local newspaper]
Org-urb.uk: Public Park Project: Copenhagen

Lofoten Game of the Future

A public park opposite the Art school in Kabelvaag, Norway became a focus  point us during a 10-day, Transcultural Mapping Workshop. The park itself was transformed into a giant board game, with players throwing frisbee-like discs into the old fountain, But it was not just "fun and games". Each disc represented the uniquely Lofoten themes of Fishing, Tourism, Oil and Wildlife, with the aim being to predict which industry would contribute mostly to the communitys future.  Artist Nis Romer explains more " I wanted to do a game because we spoke to many people who told us about all the possible futures of Lofoten, and I thought it would be cool to show the different interests played out against each other. I also really liked the park and had the idea that it can be used as a game board. "  So what is the future? The game will remain with the town of Kabelvaag, so go on and make your move!
Many thanks to the Nordland Kunst 0g Folmskole for being able to use their facilities during the workshop.

Nis R

I work with public art most often outside the galleries and in collaboration with others. I have a special interest in the social and political organization of space and in how processes of globalization affects the city. Much of my recent work deals with open source software and how technology can be used in local places. {Org-urb.dk}

Stijn Schifeleers:
Working in many media Stijn reveals the subtleties of life via film, video and interactive installations. Stijn's work embodies a sense of play and sensitivity that reminds us to take a closer look at what surrounds us. Stijn lives and works between Gent, Belgium and San Francisco.

Amy Franceschini:
Amy is a new media artist and educator. Her work is pervaded with images of growth-reminding us that both nature and our own creative natures are precious commodities that must be nurtured and sustained whether it is on the web or in our own backyards. Amy founded Futurefarmers in 1995, as a means to bring together multidisciplinary artists to create new work. She is currently teaching Media Theory and Practice courses at Stanford University and the San Francisco Art Institute.
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