Playshop, 2004
Materials: (see project site)

Exhibition History:
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF
Jan. 17-April 4, 2004
Artech, David Lu, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Amy Franceschini
Richard Mortimer Humphrey, Suzi Pritchett, Jocelyn Robert, Stijn Schiffeleers, Michael Swaine, Elmar Trefz
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Playshop is an open-access laboratory which encourages the free flow of ideas. It presents projects, workshops, seminars, art installations and a web site that collectively question or challenge the role of technology and propose alternatives to the cultural social and economic systems we live in. Playshop is where the energy of art production, education, curatorial practice and social interaction fuse to create a vital public space and an environment of exchange.

Organized by Futurefarmers, Playshop is an extension of their studio practice. Through their Artist in Residency program, Futurefarmers have collaborated with a wide range of talents since 1995 to explore the relationship of concept and creative process in the development of work in new media. Futurefarmers artists and friends; Amy Franceschini, Michael Swaine, Elmar Trefz, Stijn Schiffeleers and Richard Mortimer will be on hand in the Playshop several days a week to host a series of projects and workshops.

Futurefarmers use the metaphor of a mothership to characterize Playshop as a free-floating and open-source system of activities. The mothership has landed at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts from January 17 through April 4, and will seek out another destination in which to open shop after this date.

Lunchbox Lab
Photosynthesis Robot
Rainwater Greywater System
Garden Trike
Pogostick Shovel
Seed Library
DIY Algal Hydrogen Bioreactor
Homeland Security Blanket
Botanical Gameboy
Sundial Watches
Solar Music Boxes
Board Game

Public Projects
F.R.U.I.T. Network
Bingo: Field of Thoughts
Lofoten Game of the Future
Fingerprint Maze
Neighborhood Acts
Holding Patterns
The Human Knot

Amy Franceschini
Michael Swaine
Rich Humphrey
Albert Coleman
Sebastian Stjfl
Stijn Schiffeleers
  Futurefarmers: Culivating Consciousness since 1995