Bingo: Field of Thoughts, 2006

Materials: paper, thread, silkscreen, die-cut

Dimensions: 11" x 7"

Amy Franceschini, Corrine Matesich & Michael Swaine

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ISA: Independent School of Art

Field of Thoughts: Limited Edition Bingo Cards: A set of custom-made boards are the center piece of a collaborative learning, potluck and gambling game that explores the world's 75 lowest GNP countries.

The project emerged as a way for Futurefarmers to make money for carrying out non-profit related activities. The idea itself may be blamed directly on the IRS tax booklet entitled: Instructions for Form 1023 for readily identifying both the route to 501(c)3 non-profit incorporation and procedures for legal bingo gaming in the same document. The latter became an increasingly humorous side note while researching the former. A limited edition series of Bingo cards were made possible through the Independent School of Art’s Edition Grant. The grant paid for a die-cut such that the game boards can used for more than one evening of play.

The materials used to make the game boards included: recycled legal files, die-cut, silk screen, offset printing and thread. The legal files were die-cut with 25 penny-sized holes arranged in a circular pattern while maintaining the 5x5 grid of traditional bingo. Seventy-five inserts were printed with random configurations of the 75 lowest GNP countries. These inserts were silk-screened and laser printed to be included in each reusable board. The backs of the boards are composed of heavy tag board with one color offset printing. The fronts and backs are sewn together to hold the inserts in place.

Thirty seven players were invited to a March 26, 2006 test game. Each player was asked to represent one of the 75  featured countries by bringing an obscure or interesting bit of information and to bring an item of food or drink from their assigned country. The night was a combination of collaborative geography, potluck and gambling. The range of food included East Timorian wraps, Somalian milk tea, and Gaza Strip Sweet Potato cookies. The evening served as a testing ground to see whether the bingo platform would work to raise money needed to bring artists to speak in San Francisco, offer workshops, and hold discussions.

In the final round, THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, the winner won the pot of money and a custom bingo card. The neighbor of the winner was considered a co-winner in this “good-neighbor” game, and received a hand-made, cloth ham. (see photos)

*Die-cutting and printing were done by Logos Printing

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