Neighborhood Beautification Act #1, 2003

Materials: wood, paint, long screws

Public Appearances:
July 2003-April 2004: Zilverhof, Gent, Belgium
April 2004-present: St. Amansberg, Gent Belgium
Table: 3.5' x 3.5' x 2.5'high
Bench: 4'10" x 12" x 2' high

Amy Franceschini, Stijn Schiffeleers, Lode Vranken

Neighborhood Beautification Act [NBA]
#1 is a project disseminated into a public park in the Zilverhof neighborhood of Gent, Belgium.

This park in Gent formerly had a bench, but it was removed by the city because people made too much noise at nite while drinking and gathering around the bench. An ugly hexigon shaped brick structure (which formerly supported the bench) remained in the park as an eye sore and constant reminder of the wonderful bench that once existed.

Description of Location:
A park in Gent Belgium which overlooks the canal mostly frequented by neighbors, but it is also a fork off a small hub of cross traffic. (see more photos for details)

Beautification Act:
A table and bench were placed in the park. The table was specially designed to cover the existing hexagon structure that formerly supported a bench. It was painted with chalkboard paint --chalk and eraser were supplied.

The bench became a favorite spot and icon of the neighborhood used as ; a picnic area, meeting point, outdoor accounting office (one woman was found doing her taxes on the table), massage table, stage, and general gathering spot.

How to Neighborhood Beautification Act:

1. Find a location
which is in need of an act of beauty.
2. Observe
this location for a week- (day and nite)
3. Interview people/get neighbors involved if appropriate.
4. Create beautication act.
5. Design NBA Label:

It is important to tag Beautification Acts with an NBA label.
Include the following:
Small Sketch or graphic of NBA:

Name of NBA:
Location: County, City
Neighborhood: (as exact as you can)
Other Possible Uses:
Make a nice list of "other possible uses" addressed to any person or entity who may remove or steal the NBA.

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