Solar Music Boxes/Sonic Sundial, 2004

Materials: solar panels, wood, paper metal

Exhibition History:
Garage Festival, Stralsund Germany

Solar panels + basic electronics.
Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 5"


Amy Franceschini, Stijn Schiffeleers

Relative urls :
Garage Festival

Solar Music Boxes [SMB]
are music boxes powered by the sun. Energy is harvested from the sun via solar panels which power a motor, which is connected to the gears of an analog music box. The boxes are wired such that they can be amplified.

Solar Music Boxes can exist inside or outside.


Solar Music boxes can triggered by flash lights to create a light orchestra. Sound can be processed or simply orchestrated by flash light interaction.

Outdoor/Public Installation. Solar Music boxes can act as an accumulative sound clock. SMB are distributed under a trees shadow such that as the shadow moves over the course of the day each music is revealed allowing the sun to feed it and let it sing out. A new box adds to the orchestra each hour. The music boxes will play when sunlight is revealed upon them- a sonic sundial.

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