You Are Here: Collaborative Map: Toronto, 2005
Materials: pencils, paper, pens, tape

City Center, Toronto during Flash in the Can

Medium: Walk, Map Making, Participatory Design, Reading
of Gregory Bateson
Collaboration: Amy Franceschini, Michael Swaine

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Flash in the Can, Toronto

You Are Here was a 3 hour workshop which culminated in a map of the city center of Tornoto made from over 75 hand-drawn maps taped together. The map covered a 10 block radius of Toronto city center. This map was made entirely of hand-drawn maps gathered from people in the streets by asking for directions from point A to point B, such that one comprehensive map could be built from all the individual small maps. Over 75 maps were gathered within a one hour period. There were four groups of people sent out into 4 quadrants of our defined area. After one hour we gathered in front of the city cathedral to assemble the map. This lured many tourists and passerby to inquire about our project. To our delight many locals joined in to help us with the accuracy of our assembled map. The map was presented on a wall in the conference center. The workshop consisted of a group of 30 people walking from the east side of Toronto to the city center.

On this walk we presented participatory design exercises; Classification of Space, Sociograms and the like.
You Are Here was made in connection with a 3-day new media conference in Toronto: Flash in the Can and was presented on a wall in the conference room at the Westin Harbor. Building a brigdge between tourist/local relations.

Research Outcome: You Are Here served to foster Local/tourist relations shedding light on the people of Toronto.
Tendencies: Most of the people who were asked for directions were delighted to draw a map and many used it as a way to express their local knowledge of local history by pointing out landmarks or points of interest on their maps.

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