The Human Knot, 2003

Materials: Video

Exhibition History:
Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum (2003-04)
Dimensions: 12' x 8' projection


Amy Franceschini w/Stijn Schiffeleer, Jeff den Broeder, Chad Growchoski, Headlands Center for the Arts.

One month after the United States invaded Iraq, Futurefarmers put out a public call for people to come to the Marin Headlands to join in a Human Knot.
A human knot starts out with a group of people holding hands in a big circle. People are then asked to get tangled and twisted up without letting go of each others hands. This creates a giant knot of humans wriggling around try to get undone. It becomes quite uncomfortable and demands focus, cooperation and organization. This knot took almost 33 minutes to untie, but through a peaceful cooperation of all participants, the knot resumed to a circle of people joined by the hands.

**Over 300 people RSVP'd to this call, but due to the limits of the National Park Service at the Headlands, we were asked to keep our gathering to a minimum and had to turn away 265 people. Thank you to those who did come!

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