Sunshine Still is a traditional moonshine still re-engineered to produce ethanol alcohol and drinkable ethyl alcohol from compost, waste or algae. The particular liquid produced from this still is nicknamed Sun Shine, because it is made with the energy of the sun. The Sunshine Still along with its delivery unit, the Sun Runner are presented inside an establishment reminescent of a speakeasy, entitled Speak Hard.


Sunshine Still is a new work created by Amy Franceschini and Dan Allende. A first time collaboration between the two artists, Sunshine Still reflects a common interest in the future of energy and models of possilbe self-reliant systems of producing fuel.

Amy Franceschini
Amy Franceschini is a pollinator who creates formats for exchange and production that question and challenge the social, cultural and environmental systems that surround her. An overarching theme in her work is a perceived conflict between humans and nature. Her projects reveal the ways that local politics are affected by globalization. In 1995, Amy founded Futurefarmers, an international collective of artists and in 2004, she co-founded Free Soil, an international collective of artists, activists, researchers, and gardeners who work together to propose alternatives to the social, political and environmental organization of space. Amy is a professor of Art + Architecture at the University of San Francisco and a visiting artist at California College of the Arts Fine Arts Graduate program.

Dan Allende
Daniel is an artist, builder and inventor. He received his B.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College Art. Allende’s multifaceted and social-engaging work includes installations, videos, performances, and sculptural objects, often created in collaboration. In 2009, Allende collaborated with Futurefarmers on the Reverse Ark: In the Wake at the Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, Maryland and on the People's Roulette for the Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture.

Thanks to: Ian Cox, Audrey Snyder, Olivia Ward, Stefan Artzmann, all our distinguished guests, Steve Dietz and Jaime

Commissioned by Zero One, San Jose, 2010