Planting Party

A planting party is suggested upon receiving a garden. This party should be open to all your neighbors and many friends. It serves as way for many people to learn about the program and hopefully adopt it as well.

The first planting party was held at the big blue house on Balboa street. Over the course of 4 hours over 50 people stopped by to join us in planting and learning.



Big Blue house on Balboa   Gardener Archangelo scoping out the yard.
Before Backyard Oct. 20, 2007
After backyard December 1, 2007



Residents taking the VG2007+ Good Grower Oath   Energy efficient tools... collaboration



Redwood box held together with wooden dowels   3 bags of soil



Feather meal, Kelp granuals, and Azomite/micronutrients   Mix, churn, turn



Cilantro, fava beans, lettuces, mustard, chards...   Careful translplanting with the roots straight down in soil



Residents were inspired to transition the whole yard   Planting became contagious...dirt under everyone's nails



Drip system installation   Careful planting near drip outlets



Cilantro   Fava Bean forest



Super thanks to Matt Gonzalez for starting the fire!   Into the night...