June 6-7, 2008 - 10am-10pm

A day of teaching, performing, and presentations at the cross-section of alternative education/knowledge-sharing and social art practice. Possible activities include, but are not limited to; short, informal classes, libraries, maps, reading groups, open demonstrations of ideas, experiments in education/knowledge-sharing, presentations of historical free/radical schools, show and tell of documents, syllabi, movement workshops, skill sharing, walking tours, panel discussions, round table discussions, and games.

The bus will be parked on site at Zero1 for 1.5 days to serve as the Free Soil Exchange. The bus will be open with seating, tables and audio/video screening capabilities.

People can exchange goods or services for learning.  We ask that people bring something to share, exchange or teach in exchange for a learning experience. Example: In Colin Ward's Anarchy in Action small children would collect cigarette butts off the streets and give them to an old man in exchange for him reading outloud, thus the streets would become clean and a learning exchange would occur.



June 6th:

3-5pm: David Elliot

Dream Machines and the Dreamachine ~ The Imbalanced Augmentation of the Human Intellect

In a multimedia presentation, I will try describe some of the mounting problems that come with the nearly infinite information accessible on the Web in the context of creative research for the visual arts. What happens when every image already exists? How does the production of meaning and originality change? For many artists it is difficult to fall in love with an idea of theirs only to find that it isn't only theirs. How does the creative process change now that we all know that we share many of the ideas that we thought were only ours? I will also reexamine two important technological developments that prefigure the personal computer and the Web looking for answers to the question, "How do I learn to live with the Web?

7pm: Geoff Morris
LIFE: A live Simulation

A collaborative performance in which audience participants play the roles of simple networked computer programs in a live enactment of Cambridge mathematician John Conway's cellular automaton, The Game of Life. By living as a computer program and enacting the cycles of death and rebirth in a community of automata, participants may come to a deeper understanding of the computational processes driving the technologies in and of our lives.

On S 1st Street and E San Salvadore, San Jose

9pm: Free Soil
A Short Film Festival

Look for the bus! We will be presenting a range of works related to education in a broad sense.


June 7th:

3pm: Hideous Beast
Mini Movie Fest: Show & Tell


This presentation of MMF is thematic and assignment based. Prior to a screening as part of Free Soil Bus Tour’s ONSITE LEARNING EXCHANGE / POST-TOUR TEACH-IN at
Zero1, Hideous Beast is placing a public call for participation titled Show and Tell.
Show and Tell asks participants to find a member of their community willing to teach
something they feel is valuable to a larger public (subject open). Participants are asked to create Mini Movies of these presentations and share them on a dedicated video-sharing website, creating an archive for sharing and distribution.

At Zero1 Hideous Beast will also present an opportunity for participants to produce
spontaneous Show and Tell Mini Movies, with equipment and technical assistance
provided. An hour-long screening of collected Show and Tell Mini Movies will then be
presented in the Movie Bus Set Up. The event is free and open to the public.
Please visit our site for more information about Show and Tell, including previous
versions of Mini Movie Fest.