Gardending Superfund Sites is an art project which fosters discourse around the issues of nature preservation, industry, and activism. By providing information and facilitating activities with students and community groups we are making a call to action to high tech industries to take responsibility for their actions. This is a global issue that needs to be addressed locally!  

Superfund Sites
Keywords: computers, industry, consumers

There are 29 Superfund sites in Silicon Valley- the most concentrated number of Superfund sites in America. Nineteen of these sites were contaminated by high tech firms in the manufacturing of computer chips which used highly toxic chemicals including, trichloro-ethylene, Freon, trichloroethane and poly-chlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
A Superfund site is any land in the United States that has been contaminated by hazardous waste and identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a candidate for cleanup because it poses a risk to human health and/or the environment.
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Keywords: globalization, environment, policy

Where do our computers go when we are finished with them?

Over 20 million personal computers became obsolete in 1998, but only 13 percent were reused or recycled. Women separating computer wires in Guiyu, Guangdong China.

As artists using digital media, it is our responsibility to put pressure on manufactures to implement recycling programs and clean practice.

Butterfly Gardens
Keywords: Art, Science, Activism

We are currently working with Professor Arthur Shapiro at UC Davis to understand the relationship between host plants, habitat and environment.

We would like to plant host plants to regional butterflies in the Superfund sites of Silicon Valley.


Superfund Locations

Futurefarmers proposed Garden sites


Siemens Corp
10900 Tantau Ave/1900 Homestead Rd
EPA ID# CAD041472341

Mountain View

Cts Printex Inc.
1950 Colony St
EPA ID# CAD009212838
Fairchild Semiconductor Corp
464 Ellis St
EPA ID# CAD095989778
Intel Corp - Mountain View
365 East Middlefield Rd
EPA ID# CAD061620217
Moffett Naval Air Station
Ellis St. & Hwy 101 (500 Shenandoah Plza)
EPA ID# CA2170090078
Raytheon Company
350 Ellis St Box 7016
EPA ID# CAD009205097
Spectra Physics Inc
1250 West Middlefield Rd
EPA ID# CAD009138488
Jasco Chemical Corporation
1710 Villa St
EPA ID# CAD009103318

Teledyne Semiconductor
1300 Terra Bella Ave
EPA ID# CAD009111444

Palo Alto

1501 Page Mill Rd
640 Page Mill Rd
EPA ID# CAD980884209

San Jose

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp
101 Bernal Rd
EPA ID# CAD097012298
Lorentz Barrel & Drum Co.
1515 S 10th St
EPA ID# CAD029295706

Santa Clara

Applied Materials
3050 Bowers Ave
EPA ID# CAD042728840
Intel Facility Iii
2880 Northwestern Pkwy
EPA ID# CAT000612184
Micro Storage/Intel Magnetics
2986 Oakmead Village Ct
EPA ID# CAD092212497
National Semiconductor Corp
2900 Semiconductor Dr
EPA ID# CAD041472986
3050 Coronado Blvd
EPA ID# CAD990832735


Advanced Micro Devices
901 Thompson Pl
EPA ID# CAD048634059
Advanced Micro Devices
Bldg 915, 915 Deguigne Dr Bldg 915
EPA ID# CAT080034234
FEI Microwave Inc (Trw Microwave Inc)
825 Stewart Dr
EPA ID# CAD009159088
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
401 E Hendy Ave
EPA ID# CAD001864081