Radio Forest is a radio station located in a forest in Neerpelt, Belgium. The content on Radio Forest is made up of music and sound donated from the people of Neerpelt and surrounding areas, including; LP's from personal collections, stories, lore, and sound produced during workshops at Musica. Portable radio's will be available to check out at the Radio Forest cabin so that visitors can have a sonic wander through the forest.

Audio Forest is the result of an international call for forest sounds. Several sound artists submitted their auditive interpretation of a forest which are brought together in a diverse collection of recordings from all over the globe.

We ask people to donate one or more records (LP’s) from their collection. These LP’s will become part of the Radio Forest LP Library and will be used to make new soundscapes to broadcast on Radio Forest.

Radio Forest has hosted a series of workshops for 12-15 year old children. During these day long workshops students learn about digitial audio recording and editing software while in the process of creating a real jingle.

Musica offers a hand to people involved with music on any level, whether as a listener, a performer or a composer. It's centre that pushes the boundaries of musical possibilities, confronting people and stimulating them on the basis of an open artistic and educational vision. Musica has been active for some twenty years, working with children, teenagers and adults and fostering their creativity with all sorts of music.