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This is a document that gives an overview of my work in CRD. I have documented my projects and put them in the context of my theme and concerns.
My theme is that computers have become political and designing computer networks is a political act. An important aspect of this as a designer is trying to establish how much and what sort of structure should be imposed upon users in order for them to be able to communicate and perform effectively. Some of my concerns have been the importance of the warm up, letting users be smart (as opposed to the computers), and experimenting with the technology.

Dynamic email list
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In this project I have designed a model for a dynamic email list. A list in which the user rates other users on the list and is in turn rated. The user can adjust the tolerance levels of how many mails they will receive mails from people of ratings below the tolerance levels will be filtered out. A user's ratings of a certain person will also be affected by how they rate others, Thus if you rate a person highly, their ratings of others will also have affect on your ratings of the same people. If you rate someone lowly but someone you really respect rates them highly then you may receive more emails from that person than you anticipated.

grouptools presentation

Window cleaners, ballet dancers, and quiltmakers, have all formed groups online. Many of these groups take the form of email lists. In this project I looked at the tools available for reading and, writing and supporting email lists. In the end I came up with a set of tools that might occupy a program specifically designed to read mail from email lists.
This presentation is a brief description of these tools and some of the ideas behind them. See my report to read about it in more detail.

Prototype World
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This was my final degree show project. It is an experiment in making tools for group interaction online. Users can go online and make an avatar, then participate in making a collaborative story, and place themselves with respect to different issues. I wanted to give users freedom to fill the space with their own content and concerns. It is offline now, but you can see some of the ideas in www.communiculture.org.


The Pond is an experimental communication space that exists on the web. Visitors to the pond will be greeted by previous visitors' messages clustering together on screen. The visitor can navigate through these collective messages and observe the connections. They in turn can leave a message in this ambient space and connect it, or not, as they wish, to another message. Conversations will take on new shapes, debates will float in angry opposing structures, all determined by how people choose to make and understand the connections.

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Ourshelves is a design for an annotated bookmarks system, which allows users to share their bookmarks with others and recieve recommendations from otherwith similar recommendations. This project pulled together ideas from several different sources and tried to put them together in a system in which recommendations were not magically arrived at through mysterious algorythms, but could be seen in the context of those people that recommended them.

The Fool
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A two minute 3d animation showing a call operator on a technical help-line helping a client connect to the internet. As the operator talks to him she turns over a tarot card revealing the fool, subtitles appear with text describing possible interpretations of the card. The subtitles reflect the conversation between the operator and enquirer. You will need real video to see this.

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epad is an integrated hardware and software design of a system to be used by small groups to explore ideas in a brainstorm or meeting. The hardware takes the form of a roll-up touch screen which can take finger and stylus input. The software allows the users to group, arrange, copy scale, store and organise the graphics they produce during a session. It was a collaborative project with Athena Anagnostopoulos and Chelle Hughes.

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A tool for the desktop that helps you find files. The result of a short project at the start of the course.

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A chat space which lets users type any where in the space and other users can vote on their contributions.