Consortium Instabile is a rural radio station, content production and public programing based in a tree house at Pollinaria, a cultural institution on a farm in Abruzzo Italy. Consortium Instabile is an initiative between artists and rural protagonists in Abruzzo Italy that uses radio to connect and intervene into their everyday life.
Consortium Instabile (C.I.) is experimental architecture, radio, research and public programming within the rural context of Abruzzo, Italy. This project has emerged from sustained engagement with this region through the artist in residency program Pollinaria. C.I. connects a decentralized network of agrarian protagonists in the region through radio transmissions and thematic meetings. A fantastical architectural intervention within three oak trees serves as a physical meeting point, broadcasting base and a growing archive of content related to rural regeneration and the growing instability of this region. Sculptural props accompany Consortium Instabile in the field; seedbox, masks, Baron in the Trees, headphones and microphones. These serve as poetic entry points into conversation and engagement with the interviewee's. Content gathered in the tree house, on farms and by chance encounter is transmitted through radio channels and becomes material that connects the spaces of people's daily lives; homes, tractor cabins, shepherds caves, blacksmithing shops and kitchens.

50% of the region is being explored for oil by ENI, Petroceltic, MOG, Edison & Shell. Home to pristine nature parks, shorelines and several endangered species; this area is in extreme flux. In the winter of 2013, Attila, a fierce force of wind and rain devastated many farms and permanently changed the landscape- orchards and vineyards were blown down and new creeks were cut into the land.

In an area threatened by a lack of prospects and values inspiring rural life and work, this project intends to provoke imagination and ways to explore and rethink the relationship between people and the land and, more extensively, between people and nature. By a deep involvement and conversation between the inhabitants and members of distant rural communities within the European continent, on one hand, and researchers and creative thinkers on the other, it aims to form the foundations of a rural regeneration through a variety of debates and actions directed to initiate, experience, share and articulate related knowledge.

All photographs courtesy of Daniela d'Arielli, Pollinaria.

Consortium Instabile is a project realised in the framework of the Green Art Lab Alliance - GALA; with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union and the European Cultural Foundation.

The research undertaken to develop this project was supported by the European Cultural Foundation.