Ethnobotanical Architecture

Building like plants do.

Imagine small, intricate structures hanging outside your window that efficiently harvest enough night moisture to water your herb garden. Or an array of tiny limbs attached to a tall building that capture moisture from the night sky and distribute it to a potable water reservoir. Through close examination of how plants photosynthesize, capture moisture and pollinate, a new wave of architectural structures will emerge. This workshop will look closely at plants and will use the physiologic systems of the plants to inform form, material, and behavior of architecture.


Learning from Plants: Aeronautics

Building flying objects inspired by seed air travel.

In this class were looking at flight technology of plants to think up practical and imaginary structures for air travel, wind powered flying apparatuses, seed catapults, pollen based mailing systems …

We started with a tour at the Stuttgart Natural History Museum’s Herbarium where we studied archived plant specimen that feature flight technology, and ended with a launch-pickinick of plant inspired flying models at a hang gliding airport.

Learning from Plants: Aeronautics was a class at the department of Integral Studies at Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, campus Waiblingen. May 2. – 4. 2012


Local Area Seed Network NY

A mapping expedition into the hyper-local flora.

L.A.s.N. is a response to the disparity among seed saving strategies. It is a mapping and propagation project that mines the most “local” seeds.

It poses the idea that maybe every city already has a seed bank and locates available seeds within a given radius; corner stores, people’s homes, toys, trash, etc. Garnered from these sites, an unexpected array of seeds unfold; bags of lentils from local stores, wheat seeds inside small toys, beans in the game of Kalaha/Mancala, sunflower seeds, corn, rice in hacky sacks etc.