Ethnobotanical Station is a project by
Amy Franceschini and Myriel Milicevic.



Commissioned by the New York Hall of Science for ReGeneration.
Steve Dietz, Curator
Amanda Parkes, Assistant Curator
Eric Siegel, Project Director

Sheila C. Johnson Design Center (SJDC)
Parsons the New School for Design
Art, Environment, Action!
Radhika Subramaniam, Curator
Kristina Kaufman
Daisy Wong


Thank you to everyone who helped making E.B.Station happen:

Stijn Schiffeleers,
collaborator, builder, media producer

Tommy Coleman, construction assistant

Justin Blinder, map programming

Hanspeter Kadel, web programming

Nicola Twilley, Studio X NYC and
Janette Kim, Columbus University,
co-leading the E.B. Architecture Workshop

Margaret Zyro and Carlos Solis,
workshop fellows

Nina Elder, research assistant

Adriane Colburn

Audrey Snyder


Scientific and folk knowledge:

Dr. Kobinah Abdul-Salim
Department of Science of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden,
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology at Medgar Evers College (CUNY).

Dr. Daniela Shebitz
Biological Science, Kean University

Carolyn Dimitri, PhD
Food Studies, NYU, Steinhardt

Matthew Hoffman
Food Studies, NYU, Steinhardt

Prof. Dr. Matthias F. Melzig
Institute for Pharmacy and Biology, FU Berlin, Germany

Dr. Robert Gliniars and Wilfried Ernst
Botanical Gardens Hohenheim University, Stuttgart, Germany

Pamela Mc Bride
Ethnobotany Lab, New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies

Dr. Eric Blinman
New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies

Mary Weahkee
New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies

John Duncan, Medicinal Wild Plants Expert, New Mexico

Bob Allalunis, Willow Basket Weaver